Thursday, April 26, 2012

Devoured Books (1): Lola and the Sin

I like to joke that I read too fast to review. Sadly, it's true. There are books that I would love to review, but I either don't feel like I can review them or too much time has passed that I just can't review them without rereading the book. So... devoured books was started! These are not book reviews, rather gushings about the book. For the most part, these books will be ones I bought, not received for review. Because if they were, well, I'm not doing my blogger job, now am I?

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins is her sophomore, and the second book in her chick-lit-esque series. Lola is the companion book, so you don't have to have read Anna and the French Kiss, but the crossover characters kinda spoil the ending of Anna so if you don't like spoils, it's probably a good idea to read Anna first, then Lola!

So, basically, Lola and the Boy Next Door is about a girl named Lola and a boy next door. I KNOW. Such a shock, right?

YOU GUYS. this book made me feel ALL THE EMOTIONS. so good.  I've jokingly said that Stephanie Perkins' books are fix-your-soul type of books, but man, I am not kidding. When I'm having a crappy day, I'll just flip open one of her books and read a few pages and fall in love with Cricket all over again.

Oh, yes, Lola's boy is named Cricket and he's tall and lanky and engineering and oh my lanta, HE IS MY TYPE OF GUY. I liked Anna's boy, but Cricket. HE'S CRICKET! And he was totally awesome and I loved him more than Etienne (sorry, guys. it's true though.)

I freaking loved Lola and thought it was better than Anna's story, although I enjoyed hers, too! I really loved Anna's setting, but... there's something special about Lola and the Boy Next Door that just makes me swoon when I look at the cover. MAN ALIVE, I freaking loved it and want to reread it very, very soon. So, so good!

Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers was so flipping amazing. I loved Personal Demons, book one, but when I read the sequel... wow, I was blown away. Lisa Desrochers takes it up a notch on EVERYTHING, and it left me breathless and gripping the edges of my chair. And then I was flung off a cliff and needed Last Rite (side note: at the time of writing this post, I've read Last Rite. However... I finished Original Sin in January, and didn't read Last Rite until February.)

It was just so good! I did have a few problems, especially near the end when Frannie and Luc have problems about something and it causes a huge scandal and blah blah blah. I thought it would have been had they just TALKED about what happened, instead of Frannie accusing Luc and running away. I am a fan of using your words. :p

I really liked the direction of this book, and how Lisa wrote it; I did NOT expect the ending at all, or hell, even half of what's in this book! It was a freaking brilliant sequel. BRILL. IANT. That's... kinda weird broken up, but you get what I mean, right? I love this series. I love these characters. It's a trilogy I'll be pushing into everybody's hands, but it's just so brilliant and sexy and amazing. HOLLA. I aim for brilliant books over here. ;)

What books have you recently devoured?


  1. I liked Lola better too!!! Man! I want to go read it again, now!

  2. I do too, Steph! I *heart* Lola and Cricket!!

  3. Haha, these looks major gush-worthy. I haven't read Anna as I don't read many contemps, but we'll see. I like the sound of Cricket already! :D

  4. @Hafsah, you really should pick one of Stephanie's books! they are SO cute. <3 and I heart Cricket.

  5. wow, i think you're the first person i know of that actually prefers cricket over etienne! before i read lola, a group of other bloggers were telling me how they had heaps of problems reading about lola and cricket, and it really scared me D: but i do like cricket(: i just might like etienne more though heheh<3

  6. @Emma, really? Well I'd like Cricket all to myself then! I'm sure he can fit in a box with air holes, right? :D that always sucks! I know I read a few reviews where bloggers didn't like Lola as much as Anna, but I read it on a day when my depression was winning and man alive, that book was just what I needed. <3

  7. I really need to read Anna. I've seen SO many great things about this book, that I'm becoming excited about it.

  8. @Mel, omg, yes you do! IT IS SO GOOD!


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