Saturday, February 18, 2012

In My Mailbox (15) + Reading Pile

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For Review:
Glimmer by Phoebe Kitanidis--thanks to HarperTeen. 
Social Suicide by Gemma Halliday--thanks to HarperTeen.
Shooting Stars by Allison Rushby--thanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury. Already read this one. SUPER. CUTE. 
The Academie by Susanne Dunlap--thanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury.
Transcendence by C.J. Omololu--thanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury.
Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama--thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan.
Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne--thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan. 
The Raft by S.A. Bodeen--thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan. 

The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston--thanks to Tor Sweepstakes. Interesting thing about this one is that it's an ARC, with a release of February 2012, even though the hardcover came out January 2011, the paperback January 2012. So confused! It seems like they did an ARC print for the paperback. 
Tempest by Julie Cross--thanks to Tor Sweepstakes. I've actually already read this one, but I'm excited to have a copy even though it's an ARC and I thought I had won a hardcover. :p

Credit for Rachel at Fiktshun for coming up with a weekly reading pile.

Reading This Week:

February 21, 2012 by Disney Hyperion

When the sixteen-year-old runaway Chap is mistaken for a missing boy named Cassiel, his life changes dramatically. Chap takes on Cassiel's identity, gaining the family and friends he's always dreamed of having. But becoming someone else isn't as easy as he hoped--and Chap isn't the only one hiding a secret. As he teeters on the brink of discovery and begins to unravel the mystery behind Cassiel's disappearance, Chap realizes that he's in much deeper danger than he could have imagined. 
After all, you can't just steal a life and expect to get away with it. 

Award-winning author Jenny Valentine delivers an explosive mystery where dark secrets, betrayal, and loss pave the way for one teen's chance at redemption.

Another week of reading a netgalley book before it expires--and this one's release date is this week. This one sounds interesting, so I'm excited to read it, just not sure how it slipped by my radar!

I don't know what I'm going to read next. Maybe Shadow & Bone which is STILL HAUNTING ME. Gah. I can't WAIT! to read this one. But I do have some other February release books to read, so, I should probably be the responsible blogger and read those before a June release.

Also, a question to my regular readers: Do you like my discovered this week posts? I only ask because I thought people liked them, until my hits and comments went down on those posts. I thought it was something to fun to do at the end of the week, but I don't know anymore. I don't know if I'm wasting my time blogging because hardly anybody visits my blog and comments, even though I comment on a ton of blogs. I like blogging, but it's painful when you start to think all your time is being wasted. So I'm curious; do you like the discovered this week posts, or should I get rid of them?


  1. glimmer is so great! :)

    stop by my imm?!

  2. Born Wicked!! Looks so good. Enjoy! :)

  3. Looks like you got some great fantasy reads there. Enjoy!

    My IMM

  4. Born Wicked sounds really good! Enjoy your books

  5. I quite like the cover of The Witches Daughter. :-)

    And yay Born Wicked! That book rocks.

    Happy reading :-)

  6. Oh, I've had my eye on the Witch's Daughter! And Double just looks awesome!

  7. Great post!! Social Suicide, Glimmer, and The Witches Daughter all look very interesting. What a fantastic haul! I also got Tempest this week :)
    My Imm
    My giveaway

  8. Awesome book haul this week-- I really want to get started on Glimmer, I got in in my mail BEFORE Christmas but I've been waiting till closer to the release date to begin... I'm also really wanting to read tempest, it sounds so good! Enjoy everything you got in :)

    If you'd like you can check out the awesome books I got in my mailbox this week, just click the link below! ;)

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  9. Great stuff. I have Glimmer too and I hope I like it!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my IMM!

  10. Oooh jealous! I want to read Glimmer (love the cover) and Social Suicide. The first one was so funny. Great haul Ashelynn. :)

  11. I have had my eye on a number of those... enjoy!!

    Here is my IMM

    Happy Reading,
    Lindsay @ Turning the Pages


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