Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reading Pile: 10/9-10/15

So, since I'm really unorganized at the moment regarding my to-read list, I've also decided to do what fiktshun does and post a weekly reading pile on the blog. Here's to hoping this keeps me more organized and on top of my reading pile!

Reading This Week:

Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez and Crave by Melissa Darnell are on to to-read pile for this week. So excited to get to these two! Aleeza recommends Virtuosity highly, and I think I'll really like it. And I love the cover for Crave. It sounds so good.

Next To Read:

Next if I finish Crave and Virtuosity is Jaclyn Dolamore's Between The Sea and Sky.  I've peeked at the first couple of chapters, and can't wait to read the rest. Hope I get to it this week! If I do, I'll be caught up for October and can get started on either November's pile, or start reading my vacation pile which is all the books I'm hoping to get during winter break.

Thoughts From Last Week:
I ended up not reading Tris & Izzie because the first pages didn't hook me (also, holy crap, the dialogue was horrible.) and I read 25% of Ashfall until I marked it unfinished. I reviewed Ashfall as to why I didn't like it and wouldn't continue. Meh. Wish Tris & Izzie was good; I love the cover!

So, what are you reading this week?

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