Thursday, October 20, 2011

NetGalley: Public Bios Part 3

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So I asked for another person to provide a public bio, and the wonderful Phoebe North (who writes amazing reviews!) offered hers.
I'm a writer and book reviewer located in New York State. I'm also the Articles Editor and a reviewer for the speculative fiction magazine Strange Horizons. I love science fiction and fantasy, particularly for young adults. In fact, I'm currently working to launch The Intergalactic Academy, a review site specializing in YA science fiction. We're set to launch in September of 2011, and the site can be viewed at  
My website,, updates three times a week, with 1-2 reviews a week. I received approximately 5000 views this month, with an eye toward growth. My reviews are also cross-posted on my goodreads account, phoebereading, where I've repeatedly been ranked one of the top 50 reviewers in the US. This is my review policy, taken from my website (  
My goal is to be fair but honest in my assessments; I do my best to focus my reviews on the book and not the author. However, my reviews can also be both extensive and passionate–you’ve been warned! My hope is that these kinds of discussions can only add depth and quality to the wonderful YA community, a hope that I’ve written about extensively here on my own site and at For the sake of transparency, and FTC compliance, I disclose the source of any review copies, and any potential biases I may have about a book.  
My favorite genres are: 
Young adult Science fiction (especially anything with aliens!) Dystopian/post-apocalyptic Contemporary fantasy (urban fantasy, paranormal) And steampunk 
 I REALLY like Phoebe's bio. It's just so different from mine and Aleeza's. I loved that she talked about how honest her reviews are; her reviews are already different, and so eye opening, that it works for her to include how she reviews in her bio.

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